2017 Nashville Film Fest


As Variety spoke highly of the Nashville Film Festival here, I luckily, I had the opportunity to attend just last week. This year’s festival “broadens its scope” on the film they screened, including a VR room and films with LGBT themes. I was lucky to view three different films and experiences during my visit and I can concur their wide variety of viewings. I did do two VR viewings of Asteroids! and VAIN: This Party Sucks , two different realities but both done well. This was a nice add on to the festival giving it an extra push, but in terms of cinematic viewings, I was extremely excited to see Patticake$ and I was not disappointed. Patticake$ was a hilarious film about a girl from New Jersey who strives to be a famous rapper. While the film had me laughing throughout, I was also able to view a fantastic documentary called Unrest that changed the tone. After all my viewings, I was so surprised and pleased by the diversity of films I saw, making Nashville a great and enjoyable fest.


Cinematic Women in Film

Sigma III Corp./Photofest

Without a doubt, women in the film industry have been looked down on when it comes to any job that goes above the line. I’ve noticed it’s a very common trope for females to be looked at as assistants or put somewhere that doesn’t let the woman touch the camera. This isn’t actually true, but is an overwhelming and popular stereotype in the film industry. Currently, I am enrolled in a film class that goes over movies that take on the theme, “films about films.” Even within these movies, the female roles are very downgraded on screen; going between Living in Oblivion (1995) and Symbiotaxiplasm (1991), the females are always below the line. Even though women are depicted poorly in this industry, they actually have and continue to make big strides in film world, tackling social issues and creating new waves of cinema. IndieWire celebrates just some of the few game changing females here.