Steve Rivkin on Getting Work

In episode 116 of “Fitness in Post”, Zach Arnold talked to Steve Rivkin who has multiple editing credits, while also being the president of the ACE (American Cinema Editors). The ACE is often confused as the guild for editors, but instead is a club founded to give recognition to the hard work of editing. This podcast was especially helpful in understanding how to land jobs in Hollywood and the film industry.

One of the main things I want to focus on throughout Rivkin’s talk is the drive and passion it takes to be an editor. Rivkin was one of the lucky film students who never had to take an assistant position. This is rare, but it was also because he took all the editing jobs he could get. There are so many approaches one can take to get an editing credit – some might be good short form projects or terrible long forms, but it’s important to get the most experience to build a career in this field. Most importantly, you must make your connections. When you go down the editing path, you will most likely be the assistant editor, syncing up dailies, but in order to get in the editing chair, you need to make connections with your editor who can push you farther into their position.


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