What It Takes to Get Your Short into Sundance… Or Any Fest.

While listening to What It Takes to Get Your Short into Sundance , No Film School sat down with the crew of three of the featured shorts at Sundance this year. Sitting down and listening to these filmmakers is a fantastic reminder that anyone can do this. Of course it takes talent and a lot of time and dedication, but these three films mentioned throughout the podcast are very different in story and production value. Creating a good film is hard, but not impossible, even with an incredibly low budget at hand.


Making a short film may not seem like the biggest priority to filmmakers because they are always aiming for the big feature project, but short films are a great calling card for someone who needs that big break. All you need to do is get out there and create. In order to get the jobs you want in this industry, you must hire yourself first and show your own skills through work made with fellow filmmakers aiming to do the same thing. And if you’re lucky, your film can get into Sundance. Sundance accepts a wide variety of shorts, so being creative and doing what you think is best can help in the long run. And if that short doesn’t make it, there are plenty of other festivals that can show your work, making it easy for you to get recognized.


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