Breaking Bad Comes Full Circle

Breaking Bad was a huge phenomenon when it came out, and it’s been about four years since the winning series ended, but still has fans studying its form. Although, I was never a huge Breaking Bad fan myself, I can appreciate good work and realize the hype of the entire series. I also appreciate Breaking Bad’s understanding of when a story should end. Most series last for years and years, but Breaking Bad only lasted three seasons, giving it a more complete ending.

A video essay of about the show gives great theories of the entirety of the series. It brings ups the suspense and interest it had on its viewers but also mentions it’s pilots and how it leads into the rest of the series’ plot points. The essay and story really works because its gives meaning to the small moments on screen, leading up to the rest of the hidden secrets throughout. This is a very interesting concept and makes the Breaking Bad series worth the rewatch. You can see the article and video essay here!


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