Overrated Action Scenes?

Hollywood is pushing out their guns and are releasing action movie after action movie, but I feel like this is starting to lose the effect because of these movies are losing their realism. When we look back at the early 2000’s and even the 90’s action-packed fights, the suspense we saw on the screen depended on a director and a few fake punches. Today, these type of scene rely on visual effects, sounds, and fast cutting to pull off the idea of the big, heroic fight.

Now, this isn’t a terrible thing, but it’s a noticeably overused element. At first, when these movies used this style of action, it worked because it was so fresh and stimulating, but now, almost every action movie looks the same to me. Studios, like Marvel, have a great series and continue to grow as a franchise, but they are a perfect example of directors who aren’t necessarily action driven because they look to every other department to plan these scenes out. This destroys the actions story and becomes heavily driven on effect rather than ideals. You can read more about big-budget actions films here.


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