Keep a Flow and Be Delicate

While listening Episode 183 of The Cutting Room, Stephen Mirrione talked about his process in editing The Revenant. I think it’s important for filmmakers that work in post to listen to others who are working on bigger projects in order to grow as editors. That’s why I continue to reviews and comment on working editors in the industry now. Mirrione started off talking about creating a rhythm throughout the film and this is something everyone in post should understand and take examples of. The beauty of editing, is you can start wherever feels right. If you have a strong idea where to start, you can continue with that. It’s not just about working around that one scene.

Stephen Mirrione also talks about realism in your editing. The Revenant took on a very natural approach, so when it came to post, the music and cutting had to be dealt with in a very sensitive way. Mirrione mentions all the research that went into the bear attack and how handling something like this was almost like walking on eggs – making sure all the elements weren’t too much, but weren’t too little. I found his process with this movie to be something really sensitive and delicate, like most editors should be when delving into serious.


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