Time is our Superpower

This past week, I finally got up to watching Arrival (2016), which lived up to its critically acclaimed status. I enjoyed the movie and its use of time manipulation, which brought me to listening to The Cutting Room’s podcast with Joe Walker. Joe Walker is the editor of Arrival, who has worked with Denis Villeneuve a few times on projects like Sicario (2015).
In this podcast, he talks about the process of building suspense, but also brings out the films use of time. SPOILER: Amy Adams’s character in Arrival is seeing the future, but for what the audience knows, we believe she is seeing the past until the viewer’s discover it’s her new weapon. For editors, manipulating the truth through timing is one of the biggest influences we have.  Joes Walker repeatedly states “Time is our super power” in referring to the post-production process. It’s what editors have the most control over and it’s so powerful.


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