Big Day in the Box Office

I guess it’s no surprise that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (2017) has already broke tons of records in its weekend release. It has already made around 170 millions dollars and continues to grow as the Disney Company knows exactly what they are doing in this business. I, as well as many others, saw it opening day and thought it was a beautiful musical that brought back all the nostalgia of being a kid or living in Disney World, but I wouldn’t call it a cinematic masterpiece. Get Out (2017) has much higher outlook in the film industry so far, but has earned less money than Beauty and the Beast …and that’s okay.


Because of this past weekend, the box office is at its highest earnings since the release of another Disney smash, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). It is up 5% from last years releases, giving a great start to the box offices and the movie industry. The problem with the industry today is you do not need to go to the movies to see a movie – you can just stream it from your house. That’s why building a hype for these movies, attracting people the the theaters again, which has a chain effect of leading people to see other films. Love it or hate it, Disney and other Hollywood hits are attracting people to leave their houses and see a film again. You can look at the proof here to see the top ten leaders of the box office this year.


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