Post Oscar’s Box Office Rise

A common tradition that happens within the box office, is its slight rise after the premier of the Oscars. Typically, for many of us are film enthusiasts, we would try to catch these films before the big night of awards, but instead this is a good medium for films like these to get a wider variety of viewers. In this article, IndieWire reviews the nominees that got the biggest rise.

One movie, in particular, did very well especially for not having won any awards: Hidden Figures (2017). Hidden Figures is one of the highest scoring box office Oscar films getting rave reviews and praise from the press. Not to mention that Octavia Spencer, one of the lead roles in Hidden Figures, appeared on Saturday Night Live last weekend, giving it some more love.

A very large percent of Oscar nominees went up this year, including Arrival, Fences, and Lion. Moonlight, which won best picture, even went up $2.5 million and had the best weekend run since its release. Like it or not, Oscar season is a great boost for the theaters and pictures that deserve a wide-scale audience.


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