BlackMagic Design Updates

Around a year ago, The Cutting Room did a live podcast covering the NAB Show and some improvements and updates in the systems revolving around film and post-production. In Episode 191, Blackmagic Design sat down to talk to Gordon from The Cutting Room and talked about the new update of Davinci Resolve 12.5, which is still the latest version of this program. If you are unfamiliar with Resolve, it is a color grading/correction program, which in my opinion, is one of the most powerful tools in coloring today.

Davinci Resolve has been trying to move up into a complete non-linear editor for a while now – but still needs much improvement – and continues with this interface with over 1000 improvements and 250 features added in version 12.5. Their improvements follow all of their four steps being: media, editing, color, and delivery. Since they are building on their editing features, they added features such as speed ramping and improvements for HDR. They also went to add lens flares and single point tracking, now targeting other post softwares like Adobe After Effects. With all these new updates in Resolve, the system becomes more powerful and the best part is the free version option. I suggest for anyone who colors or is wanting to learn to color, to check it out.


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