When Did the Oscars become so Mainstream?

A major point of independent cinema is to stray away from Hollywood and big studios, yet, independent films that were made with huge budgets and big stars move away from their independent nature. Sure! It’s great to have all those things in your movie, but big Oscar-nominated movies like La La Land seemed to turn away from the true independent cinema form.

The Academy Awards are there to showcase the best of the best – and not to say the films that win aren’t amazing – but the Oscars are becoming more mainstream and they are starting to follow a certain pattern of who will win and who won’t. Although, last year’s Spotlight win did take everyone by surprise. The Independent Spirit Awards shares similar list of movies nominated here, but the judgments and outcomes are usually a good comparison of what everyone thought should have won, and what deserved it. I love Oscar season and I love comparing the different outcomes of these shows, but I find comparing dependent of the view point between independent and hollywood.


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