VFX and the Oscars

Having only one nomination this year, Disney’s The Jungle Book was undeniably strong under it’s VFX on screen. Jon Favreau and Rob Legato, two well-developed effects artists, took on the role of making this virtual India in this classic tale, and they deserve the Oscar for it. Although sometimes under looked, the work these two men created was centered around one real boy and many animated creatures.

In this article, Favreau and Legato go through their process of making this exploratory world. Personally, I find the technology that is behind the scenes goes further than ever before. Remember when Avatar came out? Despite it’s overrated story, the virtual world it created was what pulled everyone in. This use of VFX is what seems to be a growing theme in films. Not just including all these upcoming live-action Disney films, but the ones we see with car crashes, burning cities and even face manipulation. More and more movies today are going with a digital touch-up method and if done right, it seems flawless.

I think this advancement in VFX is useful, but can also take away from the realness of cinema. Film is not all supposed to be perfect – but the argument to bring viewers into different fantasies with VFX will outdo what can be done on set in a backlot studio. Either way you look at cinema, I believe the visual effects departments that show us their amazing worlds and visions deserve their recognition this Sunday.


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