Post Depression

While taking my dog for a walk, I decided to tune in for my weekly Fitness in Post podcast. This podcast is usually very informative within the post-production world, but “When It’s Time to Hit the ‘Reset’ Button” touched on a more serious subject that not just the world of creators go through, but everyone. Depression is something that peers and colleagues in the workplace don’t often talk about, but it’s there, and sometimes even more susceptible to the creative minds.

Regardless of your profession, you need to take care of yourself and any mental illness that you might struggle with. Mental illness should be treated just like any other illness. Michael Kammes, who has struggled with his depression from a young age, explained how he dealt with his medication and depression while working at his job as Director of Technology at Key Code Media.

I thought it made interesting points on the post-production side, explaining how struggling with mental illness while being locked in a dark room all day may not be helping with your crisis. The answer is to give yourself a mental break. If you feel yourself not enjoying the job anymore, even when you know it is your passion, the lack of motivation may be the sign to seek help. And as I stated, this goes for all professions. Whether you’re a cinematographer or an accountant, the signs are there and should be addressed.


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