Breaking into the Business

Listening to another Fitness in Post podcast,  “Advancing Your Career in Post (What They Don’t Teach in Film School)” talked about how we break into this business, whether that means in post or any other field of production. As they stated, it’s important to find your own personal skill set and plan out what your needs are in this business and you personal life. This could range from wedding videos to feature films and skills can go between hardware/software to simple people skills.

Deciding how and where you want to break into the industry is important – the last thing you want is to be “climbing up the wrong ladder.” This could be the difference in editing short form to long form. Zack Arnold, the host of Fitness in Post, started as a trailer house editor and almost overnight took on his feature, leading him into the art of longform editing on shows like Empire. The best mindset, getting in, is to remember that their is no set way to advance your career or get your big break. Expect disappointment, but celebrate success and new work.

Every editor has their own story and although luck is true, making those lucky opportunities appear is up to you. The film industry is a tough one, but by no means is impossible. To find jobs you have to get involved, network, and never stop cutting.



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