Sundance and Staying in the Know

Sundance is the kickoff to festival season and movie scene, in general. Keeping up to date with upcoming releases is important to this industry – it allows us to discover new styles, story narratives, and filmmakers. This year, I was fortunate enough to attend Sundance and get a first look at what to expect from 2017. Noticeably, Call Me By Your Name (2017) is being raved about for being the best film screened at the festival. I wasn’t able to get tickets for this filming, but the reviews of the French/Italian cinema speaks for itself.

The important thing to keep in mind is where will this film go? Sundance is a great outlet to find an audience, but it is also great for films to grab a distributor. Films I saw, like Novitiate (2017), has already been picked up by Sony. This makes me wonder where the rest of the films will go, knowing a lot of these films will be showed in “theaters near you”.

This article also mentions David Lowery’s fantastic film, A Ghost Story (2017), which was by far my favorite viewing in Park City, Utah. A Ghost Story was a haunting tale that wasn’t actually scary, but instead, a struggle for a Ghost to stay on earth until he had nothing left. I believe this could be a film marketed onto multiple platforms because of the cast, but because of its indie nature, it might work better as an indie cult film and will get attention from the Academy.

Keeping in the know through all festivals and theaters is essential, and you can continue to read up on Sundance screenings here.


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